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We Show Story

A proper identity for a cannabis brand is much more than a tagline or a logo. A powerful brand defines your cannabis product with an identity that lives beyond a logo, brochure or mission statement: a proper brand should clarify your company's strategic position, sharpen its public voice, and guide its future trajectory.

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We Know Cannabis

We are a marketing firm specialized in the cannabis industry since 2008. We've had the honor of working with Cultivators, Dispensaries, Edible Manufacturers, Laboratories, and Product Manufacturers. TechnoVerde understands California cannabis businesses: we are expects in state policy, markets, and trends. 

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We Grow Brand

Raising money? Developing a new Product? Entering a new market? Looking to re-brand?Seeking strategic partnerships? We can help. TechnoVerde leverages market insights, hands-on experience, and a powerful network of industry leaders and collaborators who are always excited to work with entrepreneurs.