Matthew J. Coté

Hailing from the East Coast (New Jersey) and holding a BA in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric from North Carolina State University, Matt joined the legal cannabis industry in 2007 when his father received a diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Once he'd compiled enough evidence about cannabinoids as a viable treatment for his Dad, he decided the whole world deserved to know about the medical science. Over the next eight years, Matt dedicated himself to helping brands identify their voice, their audience, and their market position. Since 2011, Matt has worked with Dispensaries (Bloom Room SF, Medithrive SF, Berkeley Patients Group), Laboratories (Steep Hill Labs), Edible Manufacturers (Auntie Dolores, Bhang Chocolate), Medical Clinics (Greenway 420), Vaporizer Companies (Vaporfection, Vapir Vaporizers), Cultivators (Madrone), Distributors (River), and spoke as an expert of branding at Events like the NCIA Cannabis Summit and the Cannabis Economy.

He currently resides in Berkeley, CA.

Article | Medical Jane

"Cannabis Goes Corporate: The First National Cannabis Business Summit"

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Lauren Fraser

A California native, Lauren grew up in the Bay Area and went to school at San Diego State, for her Finance Degree and later for her Masters in Business Administration. Her career started in financial services with The Vanguard Group and later as a due diligence analyst for angel and venture groups in the San Diego Area. Between finance roles, she pivoted for a few years to the fitness industry, as Director of Human Resources and Corporate Wellness for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the largest association of fitness professionals.

Lauren’s passion for entrepreneurship and wellness led her to the cannabis industry in late 2013 when she met her partner Matt, and the two began their journey together. Her first foray into the cannabis industry was raising capital and joining the executive team for Auntie Dolores, a leading edibles brand in California. Soon after in 2015, she co-founded River Collective (RVR), which she spearheaded in becoming the first and largest permitted statewide cannabis distributor in California. 

As a subject matter expert in cannabis distribution and lead consultant for TechnoVerde, Lauren now splits her time supporting California operators with operations implementation, capital raising, and business development as well as fulfilling her roles with industry trade associations.

Industry Trade Associations:

Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA), Director since January 2018, Founding Board Member since June 2016

California Growers Association (CGA), Board Member since January 2016

United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), Consultant since November 2017