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Brand Development

Auntie Dolores is a popular infused product manufacturer in Oakland, California. As one of our first clients in the medical marijuana industry, we worked closely with the executive leadership to orchestrate a massive overhaul of the brand's image in stores, online, and in patients' minds. Technoverde refreshed the cannabis company's corporate logo, stylized their product photography, developed brand voice, created all marketing and sales collateral, managed all social media, created all graphical assets, and developed strategic relationships for the brand. We created a new website, we moved the brand beyond its archaic color scheme and helped expand the story into "The Every Day Edible™".

Auntie Dolores New Logo TechnoVerde.png

Packaging Design

Auntie Dolores looked to TechnoVerde to help them grow beyond plastic baggies. We worked with their executive team to capture the essence and philosophy of the Auntie Dolores brand as we identified how to wrap the product in something more sophisticated, sexy, and eco-conscious. We also needed to evolve the company voice without losing the familiarity and simplicity of the brand.

In the invention of Auntie Dolores' new packaging, we considered their target demographics, the existing medical cannabis consumer spectrum, and the future trajectory of the industry as a whole. We then identified the priorities of the wrap to ensure the most important elements were communicated effectively. We referenced the entire Californian rulebook to ensure the design complied in every locality (for example, opaque packaging is required in SF). Once the rigid details were hammered out, we identified how Auntie Dolores packaging could help the product stand out on saturated dispensary shelves and act as something with "second life potential" to help the brand find it's way into daily life once the product runs out. Needless to say, we're elated by the results of the Auntie Dolores re-packaging project!


TechnoVerde connected Auntie Dolores to vital team members who would prove essential to the growth and corporate raise through the ArcView Angel Network. As one of the premiere cannabis groups to successfully raise money in the unregulated medical market, TechnoVerde helped manage investor relationships, educate potential investors, facilitate brand engagement, and develop the corporate culture.