Brand Development | Logo Design | Web Design | Product Photography

Trade Show Booth Design | Printed Materials Design


Brand Development

With the passing of Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) in late 2015, the new legal framework laid out a unique license position (tier 2) reserved for distribution companies. After touring farms in Humboldt, exploring the value of distribution, and determining how to position the company as a vital, transparent, and trusted companion - we polished a concept centered around the River.

Marketing Management

TechnoVerde defines all of RvR's marketing campaigns, then works with sales and marketing to implement strategic tactics that open new accounts, expand existing accounts, and generate awareness of the company's portfolio of products. TechnoVerde assumes responsibilities of Creative Director, Photographer, Copy Writer, and Social Media Strategist.


Website Design

TechnoVerde worked with a small development group to conceptualize a website. We created all of the original content, and now currently manage the blog, product listings, and SEO (the site currently ranks #1 for 'cannabis distribution').

Product Photography

TechnoVerde manages all of the product photography for RVR.

Graphic Design

TechnoVerde designs all of RVR's corporate messaging - including digital design and printed materials.