Website Management | Graphic Design | Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing | Videography

Brand Development

After the seed of a new brand had been sown, Steep Hill needed to develop their new look into a tangible presence. TechnoVerde works closely with the sales and marketing teams to identify customer pain points and polish the company's overall communication strategy. We've reinvigorated product marketing campaigns, tightened the brand identity across multiple states, and helped crystallize the Steep Hill story and pitch during the 506c raise through the ArcView Angel Network.


When the company needed to get an instructional video done for an upcoming event, TechnoVerde was able to deliver a professional piece within a week's time. Our team scripted, shot & edited, as well as directed a short informational segment detailing Steep Hill's QuantaCann 2.

Social Media Marketing

TechnoVerde developed and deployed a social media strategy that doubled their Instagram audience (a priority platform), introduced original content, and increased customer engagement by 67%. We tripled web traffic from social platforms and brought the brand's new website to the first page for each pertinent keyword. 

Web Presence

TechnoVerde stepped in toward the end of the website remodel to manage the developer and help restructure some of the many shortcomings of their initial design. Our team reworked the cannabis lab's main site by developing clear customer stories, creating SEO-rich content, and devising clarity around the company's list of services and products. We then expanded their presence using customized landing pages that helped serve as conversion funnels for press releases, product updates, and company expansion. Our landing-page strategy included: CA Cannabis Pesticide Survey, Steep Hill Express Launch, Steep Hill Licensing, Steep Hill Published a White Paper Discussing Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Cannabis Potency, Alaska Press Release, Steep Hill Maryland Press Release.